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Guide to Celery Juicing for Busy Moms

I’ve been on the celery juice craze for over a month now. And as weird as it sounds, I look forward to drinking my 16 ounce glass of celery juice (and sometimes more!) every morning before the rush of the day takes me away.

I first heard about celery juicing and all of its magical benefits (clear skin, better digestion, anti-inflammatory, and on and on) a few months ago, but it seemed like such a hassle to juice every day with my busy life with three kiddos. After a particularly annoying breakout (well, they all are), I decided to take more natural routes to clear up skin, including getting on the juice.

After researching a ton on Medical Medium (check out the hashtag #celeryjuicebenefits for the CG devotees), I learned that celery juice was best consumed as the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This scared me more than the actually juicing, actually because coffee is everything! After grieving for my beloved morning jolt, I jumped right into juicing. Read on to check out a few tips for what’s worked for me and I’d loved to hear from you! Comment below with your celery juice tips and/or if you have questions about the latest green juice on the block.

Celery Juicing for Busy Moms

1. Get the right juicer

While you can use a blender, you’ll then have to strain out the celery “guts.” To avoid, this invest in a great juicer, which can be used for tons of other juices for you and the kids. I love the Breville the Juice Foundation Plus, but there are a ton of other models out there that do just the trick.

2. Give yourself extra time (yes, it will be hard at first)

What none of these celery juice articles don’t mention is that you’ll need extra time to wash, cut, and juice your celery. Like every time saving hack, I make sure the juicer is cleaned the night before. If you can, do this before the kids wake up so you have time to enjoy the juice (yes, you eventually will) before the day begins.

3. Stock up

Another easy tip is to stock up on celery so that you have enough for the week. It is also advised to use organic celery (when possible), and if not to wash your celery really well beforehand.

4. Drink it right away

According to the Medical Medium, you reap the benefits from the juice when it’s consumed right away.

5. Don’t worry if you can’t make it at home

Of course with every new routine, it can take time to get into the rhythm. For those days when things are too crazy, you can get this juice at your local health food store (I love Mrs. Greens in Mount Kisco). Just keep in mind, you’ll be paying much more to have it made for you.

6. Note the benefits

Think about how you feel after you’ve been enjoying celery juice for around a month. Check out #celeryjuicebenefits on Insta to follow the conversation.



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