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Many times, being a parent means sacrificing yourself both emotionally and physically. Imagine, in spite of combing through a mile-long to-do list, you end the day feeling refreshed and energized. What!? Not possible. Except…it is. Although you may feel like there is absolutely zero time in your schedule, you will be amazed at what carving just one hour a week for Pilates will do for your physical and mental health.

Physical Balance

With diapers, play dates, loads of laundry, meal prepping, and driving from school to practice to home again, you may feel pulled in one hundred directions. Many of these daily tasks can cause pain and imbalance in the body and in the mind. Every Pilates session involves a full-body workout that stretches overused muscles and strengthens underused muscles. Working towards this balance in the body for one hour echoes to every movement you make throughout the day.

Pilates moves and challenges every individual by identifying their imbalances and returning them back to a healthy, neutral state. The strength gained from this work increases energy and enables improved performance in everyday tasks. Functioning with a clearer mind, happier joints, and stronger muscles provide the super mom powers that are necessary to maintain a healthy body while juggling so many roles.

Mental Health

Most mothers suffer from stress, exhaustion and even depression at different stages of parenthood. In order to create balance to this stress, starting a routine of individual time is imperative. Carving out a solid hour for yourself can work wonders for mental health. Pilates is one of the rare forms of exercise that actually leaves you with more energy than when you first walked in.

Picture yourself lying down, listening to the cues of the instructor and focusing on moving each individual part of the body. You’re gaining strength, releasing stress and forgetting about your to do list. You don’t think about it – because you don’t have time for any other thoughts while concentrating on balance, control, and coordination. Each exercise draws you into the moment and how you’re feeling that day within your body. This mental refresh will allow you to function more efficiently, and you will leave class ready to take on the world.

Parenting demands constant presence. It’s the job that never allows you to clock out. Remember: taking care of yourself will allow you to take care of your family too – and with more energy! Pilates provides a mental refresh, an increase in strength and mobility, and even heightened levels of patience for yourself as a mother, as well as your children.

Come try for yourself. You deserve it!

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