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Westchester County Department of Health Quarantine Protocol for 2019-Novel Coronavirus


The following protocols are what everyone must follow as stated by the Westchester County Department of Health  during quarantine:

Westchester County Department of Health Quarantine Protocol


1. I will remain at my location for the duration of the quarantine period.

2. I am not permitted to attend work or school outside my home. I will not visit enclosed
public spaces (grocery stores, drugstores, department stores, shopping malls, theaters, religious
services, community centers) or attend any social gatherings.

3. WCDH staff may contact me at least daily to check my condition and symptoms during the
quarantine period. During the quarantine period, WCDH may make unannounced visits.

4. If I am housed together with family or others then such household members are permitted
to remain in the home but will not be permitted to leave the home. Other non-household
members/visitors are not permitted in my living quarters. I will not share my bed, bedroom
or bathroom with household members and will keep my bedroom door closed. I will not eat
in the same room with household members and I will not share linens, towels, eating utensils,
cups and plates. I will limit my time in common household area such as bathrooms and

5. Persons in the household can walk outside their house on their own property, but they must
not come within six feet of neighborhoods or other members of the public. Persons living in
a multiple dwelling may not utilize common stairways or elevators to access the outside.
Likewise you need to refrain from walking in your neighborhood.

6. All household members will be informed of my quarantine status.

7. Garbage should be bagged and left outside by door for pickup.

8. If I have a fever of ≥100.4°F/≥38.0°C (or feel feverish) or develop any other symptoms of
2019-nCoV infection, I will call my medical provider or if I don’t have a provider I will call
the WCDH: (866) – 588-0195.
Symptoms include:
• fever
• cough
• shortness of breath
• any other lower respiratory symptoms

9. If I, or any household member, experiences a life threatening condition, call 911 and notify
the caller that a person in the living quarters is under quarantine for 2019-nCoV infection so
that responders can take proper precautions.

10. I am aware that if I become symptomatic or ill, those persons staying with me in my living
quarters, may be subject to mandatory quarantine and I may be subject to isolation.

11. I will notify the WCDH of any needed care or services such as food, supplies, medicine or
other supports that I require by calling 866-588-0195

12. I, or my legal guardian, may contact the WCDH for any questions or concerns with this
protocol. Please contact the number above.

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