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Sanitize On the Go with OLO Band: A New Hand Sanitizer Wristband

It’s wild to think that last year at this time, masks weren’t quite a thing yet and hand sanitizer was sold out everywhere! As we all shifted and adapted, so did Mogan Anthony, chef of the Village Social Restaurant group, and his wife, who created the OLO Band in a response to the growing concerns for safety and wellbeing of his employees and customers.

This lightweight, reusable sanitizer wrist band makes it easy and convenient to sanitize on the go and is ready to use in a just a few simple steps.

OLO Band How it Works

How it works is simple:

  • Add some hand sanitizer to the OLO Band
  • Cover the snap
  • Wear it
  • Uncover the snap and use as needed

Personally, I loved how breathable and lightweight the band is that I barely feel it on my wrist throughout the day. I also love that it’s a sleek and refillable option that can be used time and time again and offers a solution that’s easy to snap and adjust on all wrist sizes.

Read on to learn more about the OLO Band and its founder Mogan Anthony, plus a giveaway where you can win your very own OLO Band.

Get to Know More about the OLO Band


Old Band

How did the idea for the OLO Band come about?

Mogan Anthony: I am chef of the Village Social Restaurant group  We closed our business for 90 days last March for safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers. Additionally, I’m also an active person and found that the current solutions weren’t working for me. We conducted a survey at a local school where most of them either forget or found it an inconvenience to carry around hand sanitizer .

Old Band uses

Can you explain how it works? How many uses can you get out of the band?

Mogan Anthony:  OLO has .75 oz and gives minimum 22-25 squeeze .

OLD Band Gym

Who is the OLO Band good for?

Mogan Anthony:  OLO is perfect for everyone! It can be used for traveling, school, sports, the gym, at the grocery store, during a hike, at the movies, for college, sports, and more. It is especially great for active moms who can easily carry it on the go to yoga, gym, and more!

Are there other uses of the OLO Band?

Mogan Anthony: Beyond hand sanitizer, you can add sunscreen, body oil, mosquito repellant lotion, liquid soap, lotion, or really any liquid you might need.

How did the design come about?

Mogan Anthony: My wife and I created and patented the OLO Band in our dining room. We both knew nothing about creating a retail product, so this has a been a fun project that we are learning more about as we go.

What has been the reaction so far?

Mogan Anthony: We are selling out faster than we could make! Schools and college students loves OLO.

Who is it ideal for?

Mogan Anthony: Anyone active and constantly on the move. It’s also great for anyone who appreciates outdoor and travel.

We love the refillable aspect of OLO — why was that important to you?

Mogan Anthony: I hate plastic bottles and I wanted to create an eco-friendly and sustainable product.

Anything else to add?

Mogan Anthony: I am donating a potion of the proceeds to support local restaurant workers’ families who have been impacted by the pandemic. We are also speaking to charities that supports restaurant workers families for food pantry sponsorships. I am a chef and this is very close to my heart .


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