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Everything changes when you become a mama. A huge shift, many women feel overwhelmed by the sudden change as they navigate the new terrain of motherhood, which often results in health issues. Whether it’s not taking care of ourselves, or not eating right, or simply being encompassed by stress, it’s no wonder so many women feel lost, confused, depressed, and ill during this period. Misha Vayner, a holistic health coach, wellness blogger, and mama of three, is hoping to change that by “mamas feel their best without the stress.” A former boutique owner, she experienced her own struggles during the early days of motherhood where she went through an inner health turmoil. She noted, “my brain shut down, my body perpetually held on to 30 pounds that wouldn’t budge, my joints were so inflamed that I couldn’t so much as type without tears running down my face, I couldn’t walk…” (check out the full story in her bio). She finally took charge by going on an holistic path, which changed her health in six weeks. Now a holistic health coach herself, Misha is excited about this next chapter in her life where she is offering an online program (launching soon!), holistic health coaching and resources to truly help others understand their bodies, and unique needs, to ultimately heal. Read on to learn more about this local mama and her exciting new venture:

Meet Misha Vayner, Holistic Health Coach


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?

I’m originally from New Rochelle. I had been living in Manhattan since 2002 (after I graduated college) and I moved with my family to Armonk about 2 ½ years ago.


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What’s one thing people that would be surprised to know about you?


I’m not sure if it would be more surprising to know that spent my career in the fashion industry, including owning a retail concept store in Manhattan, that was essentially my first child. Or, the fact that I broke my back as a child and had to go to a new school in 4th grade in a wheelchair. I learned the feeling of not feeling great in your skin, first hand, as a child. I have to say, the way I felt after having my first child and losing my body, health and identity, was way more traumatic than having to go to a new school in a wheelchair as a child, or any other experience I have ever faced.


For this reason, I feel compelled to help support struggling Mamas through the transition of feeling as though they’ve lost themselves and their health, to nursing them back to feeling their best, without the stress.


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How did you go about starting your new business?

After I gave birth to my first child, I experienced a major health breakdown that shut down my brain and metabolism, amongst other serious issues, such as my not being able to walk or use any of my joints without being in excruciating pain. After a long struggle, I was led to an integrative (holistic) doctor, that supported me in a drastic healing transformation in six weeks.


Six weeks later, aside from now being able to walk, think clearly and lose a ton of weight, to name a few of the changes, I was pregnant, and mind blown. I needed to learn more about this and share the wisdom with other struggling women and mothers.


I enrolled myself in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and embarked on my journey to becoming a certified holistic health coach, while I continued to heal my body and nourish my family with the information I learned.


As I navigated my own wellness journey these past five years, while birthing three children, working full time, going to school and moving homes, I had to learn how to support my health and my family’s health, while leading a very busy lifestyle. As my health breakdown stemmed from chronic stress, learning how to be a busy, working mother that leads a healthy lifestyle, without stress, has been critical to my personal health success.


From my own transformation and journey, I became a resource for other busy women and mother’s which led me to launching my blog, services and now, building my online program that’s coming soon!


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Tell us more about your new business venture.


I am a holistic health coach and wellness blogger that supports overwhelmed Moms looking to feel their best without the stress. In my coaching programs and online programs (first one launching this year), I work with Moms in helping them tune back in to themselves, developing gentle, supportive, bite sized, mindful actions that create transformative results in their relationship with themselves, improved sleep, increased energy, weight loss (if that’s a goal), inner peace and healthy routines that support their lifestyle, to name a few.


In my unique approach, everything is done in a feel good, supportive manner. I do not believe in drastic, restrictive or extreme approaches that are jarring and stressful on the system. The last thing a mother needs is to be told what to cut out of their diet, to hit the gym hard, and have yet another “to do” or added stressor. I’m acutely cognisant of this and my process is one that feels nourishing and complimentary to Mama’s lifestyle. It’s a process where you don’t feel any stress along the way, but look back say, six weeks later, and realize that you are sleeping better, are feeling less frantic, have more energy, have lost weight (if that’s a goal), are nourishing yourself properly, have systems in place that feel supportive to you and generally feel better about yourself.


I believe in bio-individuality, each person is unique and what works for one person, may not work for another. I provide you with personalized recommendations based on your specific goals and lifestyle in a way that feels good. In the program, you’ll receive everything from meal planning and recipe ideas, to supplement and healing modality recommendations, to movement and mama hacks, all that support busy, overwhelmed Mamas that just don’t have time, but want to feel their best.


Because I know how challenging scheduling and time is for busy Moms, I’m in the process of creating an online program for availability later this year. This will allow Mamas to get the support they need on their own time, whether that be listening to the audio file while breastfeeding or carpooling your kids around.


There will also be a private, online community where I’ll provide virtual support and where you’ll be connected to other mamas on the same journey. I believe community support for Mamas is an essential piece of health, so I’m excited to have this component to the program.


In addition, you’ll have lifetime access to the tools and guidance so you can go back to it as and when you need a reboot, or take the course at your own pace.


By the end of the program, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, drained and unhappy with your health, to calm, yet energized, with healthy habits and supportive systems in place, seamlessly integrating into your busy, lifestyle, while supporting your health goals. This program will set you up to live a sustained, healthy lifestyle, versus a quick fix.


Meet Misha Vayner, Holistic Health Coach


What can moms expect when they work with you?

Working with me will feel like you have your best friend holding your hand, giving you loving support and guidance on your journey through wellness and motherhood, in a stress free, feel good manner. Moms should feel like they can finally exhale, because they are being supported by someone who has been through it all, gets it and will guide them to where they need to go.


There is so much noise in the health world with endless conflicting information. It’s exhausting to sift through and I want to be the loving support that can allow you to tune out from the noise and feel supported by another mama who can guide you home, in a nourishing way. Mamas can feel at peace that the experience will feel good while delivering the results.


How are you trying to reach moms in the community?


I’m just starting to connect with local business owners and local entrepreneurs to discuss collaboration opportunities. I’m also now planning on attending local Moms and health related events to connect.


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What are some of the challenges you face as a mom and business owner?


I have my days where I feel Mom guilt and struggle with feeling like I’m not able to “do it all”, but I’ve found these 2 strategies have helped me immensely.


1) I get up at 5am each morning so I can get two hours of me time/work time in before the kiddos get up


2) Knowing doing it all isn’t possible. I have my four pillars of focus for this year, Family, Career, Health and Personal Development.


I run everything through the filter of “is this supporting these 4 areas or taking away from them”, if it’s the latter, at this moment, it has to go. There will be another time in my life when areas such as social life, home improvements or travel will get my time and energy, but not today. As much as I want to organize the toy closet, I’m okay with it being a bit less organized if that means I can get newsletter out.


What are some of your favorite me time things to do in Westchester?


I love Breathe Salt Rooms in Dobbs Ferry. (There was a Katonah location which recently closed, sadly). Dry salt therapy is incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating, detoxifying and filled with endless benefits. When I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, drained or I just need some mama time, I will go there.


I LOVE hiking and nature walks. I love doing these either at Stone Barns or Rockerfeller State Park. Nature walks totally my spirits when I need a regroup.


I love getting lunch at Susan Lawrence. I think I lived there when I was pregnant!


I’m extremely excited to check out The Space Sanctuary that just opened up in Chappaqua. It seems right up my alley as it’s a holistic healing center featuring reiki, sound baths, aromatherapy, light therapy and much more. I plan to get there in the next week or two!


Taking a yoga class or sitting in the steam room at Equinox Armonk is always a great reboot for me. Even better when followed by a matcha latte from Tazza. Theirs are my favorite.


Meet Misha Vayner, Holistic Health Coach


What are some of your favorite things to do with your kids in Westchester?


My kids love the outdoors and animals, so we love taking them to farms, like Muscoot Farm or Stone Barns and nature walks as well. Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard is one of our very favorite places to go in the fall. We love the local events like Armonk’s Cider & Donut festival in the fall that kicks off with a donut dash for the little ones and has live music throughout the day and the Chappaqua Farmers Market on a summer Sunday.


Check out more about Misha and her programming,


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