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How to Stay Calm During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Everywhere we turn there’s news about the Coronavirus outbreak, which has particularly struck a cord in Westchester with the recent containment area in New Rochelle. While reliable information is power, there are also countless ways to drive yourself insane by obsessing over what is largely unknown right now. While following the precautions is key during this time, it can also be easy to get wrapped up in the mania—which can lead to increased stress, anxiety and general restlessness. And as parents, we have to be clear, focused and calm for ourselves and our kids. Here, we share a few ways to find some zen during this very unzen time.


How to Stay Calm During the Coronavirus Outbreak


  1. Take a break from your phone: This is the hardest one. We have a hard time with this one too but beyond checking an email or replying to a text, try to stay away from the constant updates and news on social media. That doesn’t mean you can’t look at it, but try to refrain from checking it all day long. And definitely don’t check it right before you go to bed.
  2. Practice yoga: Start your day with a 15-minute yoga series. We like the five-minute yoga sequence and the five yoga break.
  3. Read a book: Zone out to a good book. Reading is believed to reduce stress, improve your memory, focus and concentration and expand your mind.
  4. Call a friend: Freaking out about the news? Call a levelheaded friend to talk about your worries/anxiety. They can help you to talk through your concerns, which is much better than letting them fester in your mind.
  5. Go for a walk: One of the best ways to clear your mind is to separate from the world by taking a walk. Find a new path/trail to explore with your kids. Some of our favorites are Ward Pound Ridge Reservation or Westmoreland Sanctuary.
  6. Meditate: It can be really hard to shut down as a mom and during these tumultuous times, it can be even harder to shut down. As someone who also has a hard time with this, I tried a 10-minute program that actually worked and helped me feel at ease for the rest of my day. Try the 5 Min Grounding Meditation.
  7. Dance: Put on your favorite song and get your body moving. The kids home? Get them involved for fun dance party.
  8. Hobby: Have a hobby that you have been dying to devote some time to? Try to devote 30 minutes to it at the end of the day.
  9. Netflix: And of course, there’s always Netflix (Hulu, Apple TV, and so on) that you can unwind with. But, it’s probably best to say away from anxiety-inducing end-of-the-world shows and stick to comedy or something light.
  10. Stay healthy: Keep your immune system strong by eating healthy, sticking to a sleep regime, and getting regular experience. Some of our favorite immune-boosting foods include spinach, citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, and bell peppers, to name a few options.


What are you doing to stay calm during this time?

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