6 Tips to Fill Your Cup & Feel More Joy! | Northern Westchester Moms

by Cindi Melkerson, Health & Lifestyle Coach

Oh, how I remember the days of 3 children under the age of 5. I am so grateful to have chosen to be home with my children. My husband travelled a great deal, and I took on many responsibilities on my own. It was the perfect decision for us. I laugh now, remembering the many days I could hardly catch my breath and it felt like all I did was wipe butts, counters and noses! I couldn’t wait to fall in to bed.

The end of summer and beginning of the school year added a whole other dimension with school supply shopping, meet the teacher nights amongst a million other things. Really? I’m kind of embarrassed, but meeting the teachers (sorry teachers) wasn’t on the top of my list. I was just glad that the kids were back in school. I thought I could finally enjoy a little “me” time.

I quickly learned that if I didn’t make myself a priority, no one else was going to.

Mama, take time for youYou are worth it.  Please don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of taking time for you. A little wisdom here… you will always be busy. Intentionally making time for yourself is powerful. It sends a message that “you matter”. Remember, fellow moms, you are the voice, energy and flow of the house. Feeling a lack of respect and honor can lead to resentment, anger, a “negative nellie”, a drama queen behavior (including screaming at your children) or a very frustrated, unfulfilled mom. Let’s hold off on the shaming and let’s begin a practice of self-love and self-care.

Here are 6 tips to fill your cup and to feel more joy.  I practiced and/or learned these over the years.

  1.  Wake up 15-30 minutes earlier than your day requires of you. I promise, this allows you the freedom to sit quietly by yourself. It’s a perfect time to reflect and recognize all the blessings of the previous day. You may like to make part of this time for gratitude journaling or simply in prayer. When we have control of our morning we are setting our minds up for success.
  2. Let’s face it, our families need to eat. Having a meal plan for the week with groceries on hand is a sure way to in control of your week. This in itself is self-love. Here’s how we turn it into self-care. While prepping a meal, play some music that you connect with. I have so many great memories of dancing around the kitchen, belting out songs. I still practice this but now you may find me with a clay mask on. A little mindfulness of our feelings and needs goes a long way.
  3. Schedule your annual, dentist, eye, dermatologist appointments around your birthday. This is truly a gift to yourself. The gift of health. I remember I would organize two appointments in a day around my birthday and I would dress up and make a day of it. I felt empowered about taking such great care of myself. It wasn’t a chore but rather a celebration of me.
  4. Take a bath. There is nothing more soothing and relaxing before you hop in to bed. I know the feeling mamas, sometimes there isn’t an ounce left in you. Just do it, run the water, add a few drops of an essential oil (I like lavender), bath salts, light a candle and slide on in. Talk about self-love and alone time. Oh one more thing, lock the door. I have so many memories of hearing the pitter patter of feet and then the cute little voice “Mom, what are you doing? Can I sit on the edge and put my feet in?” I think back now and so many great little conversations were shared, but I would have loved that 15 minutes to myself.
  5. Keep learning and growing. Do you have a passion or something you’ve always wanted to learn? Get started now. My favorite tag line is “You have everything you need within you, you just need to let it out”. Opening your heart and growing your mindset is extremely fulfilling. It’s a rewarding signal to your mind that you matter. Let the “limitless girl” come out.
  6. Take time for your skin. A twice daily skin care routine sets you on your way to feeling and looking good. Trust me, it is never to early to get started. Did you know our skin is the first thing that walks into the room. You can have the most epic outfit on but your friend will notice your face first. So don’t forget to clean, weed and feed your skin.

BONUS TIP: Smile and laugh more often!

It’s easy to lose ourselves as mothers. We carry guilt and shame of not being enough. I know this first hand, I was that mom. I hope you will choose one of these tips and start treating yourself like a queen wearing her crown.

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