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Do you love coming home? If your answer is “no”, or, “not every room”, then it is time to reimagine and redesign! Interior design allows you to enhance your space to be functional, as well as beautiful. Your home should reflect your personal style and energy, while achieving a healthier, more purposeful use of space. Let’s dive right in and help you discover the elements to designing a home with form, function, organization, and beauty.

Mudroom Design

Your entryway or mudroom should be efficient, so when you design your space organization is KEY! Whatever the size of your family, finding the perfect way to stash your accessories can be tough. Using a combination of both open and hidden storage is a great idea. Less used outerwear can easily be tucked away in tall cabinets. While, open shelving is more effective for everyday items, and hooks are amazing for grab-and-go exits. Bench seating is another great element for your mudroom or entryway. Not only does it give you a place to take off your wet boots, but it also doubles as an organization hub. Using your favorite storage containers, you can easily slide away the kids outdoor toys, beach towels, sports gear, dogs toys, and more, neatly underneath your bench.

Family Room Design


Next up is your family room, or living room. It’s the heart of your home for family gatherings, entertaining, and relaxation. It’s easy for things to get disorganized and a little out of control when it comes to your family room. Often there are magazines, books, assorted mail, and a cup from earlier, left hiding somewhere in this room of your home. A tip is to make sure that your flat surfaces are always clean. Handle your mail daily! It’s one of the number one items to pile up on tables and counters. If paper, books, or other related items tend to always hang around, invest in a modern file cabinet or stackable file cart. If your kids toys are the issue, opt for cute organization bins in a neutral color as to blend into the background of your room. Another great option for your children’s toys are rolling bins. Having movable storage will allow your child to move their playstation anywhere around the room. Your child can be more creative and won’t feel confined, and they will be able to clean up their toys in a more fun and engaging way. Your coffee table is an often overlooked piece of furniture. Coffee tables that look great but don’t serve a  purpose aren’t going to be ideal. Consider choosing a table with spaces for remote controls, dvd storage, magazine, coasters, or other living room essentials.

These design ideas are also great for applying to your playroom! Adding furniture pieces with cubbies for organization is a no brainer. Having designated areas for your board games, stuffed animals, and books are essential for easy
cleanup, while keeping a beautiful aesthetic. A great little tip for storing board games and other game accessories is to use plastic storage organizers! Having a corner or shelf full of mixed shaped boxes tends to look messy and unappealing.
Using a simple organizer with a drawer for each game can help save space and give you a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Interior design doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. If you are seeking guidance or recommendations for designing your home, Susan Corvo Redesign is just a click away!

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