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This meet a mom is a special one!  Meet Audra Cedrone @audracedone is an Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay, a mom of 2 amazing girls and wife!   She is also one of the most encouraging cheerleaders for women, moms and local businesses!



Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?

Born in LA, raised in Indiana, been a Westchester momma for almost 7 years.
Child(ren) and Age(s)? Marin age 6, Wesley age 3

One thing people would be surprised to know about you

That even though I’m in sales, I’m a minimalist.

Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

My husband for being a true best friend & equal partner, my sister-in-law for answering my millions of questions in those early days, my lactation consultant who held me down TWICE, and my friend who showed up with wine & cheese when I called in the ‘SOS I don’t know if I can do this 2 kid thing’ when my youngest was a few weeks old & so so refluxy.


Favorite things to do with your kids?

Exploring new places to hike. In Westchester & beyond. Ideally, there’s some body of water for the little one to throw rocks into. adventures. Preferably near mountains or water or both

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

Northern Westchester Moms, specifically Jenn, have been a lifeline to meeting other business women. I love to shop local women-owned businesses. And turn my customers on to new great spots to patron. It’s a passion of mine. So connecting with this community has meant a wider network of women who love the very same thing. Jenn is the ultimate connector and it has been a joy to meet so many likeminded local women!

Tell us about Mary Kay, its mission and how you got started? How we could join?

I believe all women deserve peace & ease & joy around their beauty routine. I believe there is magic when women gather. I believe in this brand and the way it uplifts women all over the world, in the way it protects the earth, and in the way it empowers women to have more. Just this summer, my husband was suddenly laid off. I have never felt more grateful to be a double-income household than when overnight became a single-income household. What was one day the fun side hustle that I pursued while my kids napped, became our sole sustaining source overnight. So I will forever shout about how women need backup income. For the emergency moments in life – when a child becomes ill, when a parent needs care, heck when the car breaks down and that bill would ruin a family. And what could be a more fun backup plan, what could be a more joyful extra income that BEAUTY?! Gimme a break! Helping women look & feel beautiful, its the absolute best! The funny part of this whole story is that I grew up pink. My own mom & aunt had huge success & careers with Mary Kay. Which should have made me more warm to the idea when I turned 18. But instead, I thought I was too cool, that Mary Kay was for older women, and so I pursued journalism. My dream was to be Oprah – to change women’s lives, to give things away for free & to have the kind of income that I could both write world-changing checks & have a fairy tale lifetstyle lol And because my mom was a positive Mary Kay woman, she told me if I could dream it, I could achieve it. So off I went to college. Where I was abruptly shown, over and over again at internships, that American journalism was NOT for me. But I’m not a quitter, so I got my degree, moved home & started working retail to pay the student loan bills. It was then that I began asking around… and even if some of my college friends had found a little happiness in their careers, their colleagues were just as miserable as mine. So that’s when I made the call to my aunt. I remember thinking as the phone dialed, they may be older, but at least these women are happy AND making money lol. That was 15 years ago. My love for this line of work, for building relationships, for helping women with something as holy & personal as their beauty routine, has only grown! I love this iconic American company. I love what it stands for. And I love helping women. Bonus: I feel like I get to be pink Oprah You can join me by booking a complimentary session with me. Its fun & free and the best way for us to get to know each other so I can really learn what your beauty needs are & customize ideas & solutions for you. You can also find me on socials & follow along for tips & fun. Lastly, I’m hosting monthly events at local women-owned business. Each month has a timely theme, we have a tutorial, a new product launch, or a seasonal idea to show off. They are a ton of fun! Remember, there is magic when women gather!


Tell us your faves

Favorite date night spot: Pour in Mount Kisco
Favorite restaurant to go as a family: Blue Pig in Croton
Favorite place to go out with friends: Grammercy in Yorktown
Favorite place to go to have fun as a family: traveling lol Teatown Preserve


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