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An Ode to my Home


My home is not a financial investment, it is a home. My home is not an asset, it is a gathering.

My home is where my children and I talk about how they’re going to play their best in this weekend’s upcoming lacrosse game; it’s where my husband and I get a moment alone and a beer after a busy day; it’s where the important things are discussed — whether they’re happy or sad. My home is my family’s livelihood, which is why I’m finally not ashamed to admit that my home has been difficult to manage from time to time.

Managing a home and living in a home are two different things. With home repairs, I haven’t really known how much a project should cost, how long it should take, who to hire, or what a reasonable rate is. When contractors come, I trust them because I have to. I’ve made the wrong decision before. I’ve been tricked before.

I’ve learned some things along the way, but I’ve never felt like an expert in managing all the ways in which my home can break. I also don’t really want to be an expert. I want to be an expert in knowing the best meals for my growing 9-year-old to get the brain food she needs (I’m desperately trying to incorporate more vegetables into her diet). I don’t want to be an expert in what kind of tile looks best on my fireplace. My expertise is tied to my actual interests, and my interests are simply not tied to my air handler or my HVAC machine.

That’s where Humming Homes has helped me, tremendously. Humming Homes creates a proactive maintenance program for my Greenwich, CT home — they came in, assessed all of my homes’ needs and then began to assign vetted vendors and contractors to my home. I know exactly what something will cost; a project never exceeds its proposed cost. And most importantly, when Humming Homes tells me a vendor is coming, I know they are actually coming.

Humming Homes is an application and a service. I really thought that just meant I would have to use an app to find contractors. But it’s so much more than that. I get to chat with my home coordinator through the application, and they manage all of my home projects end-to-end. They create detailed vendor comparisons in Excel, they connect me with local experts who I actually trust, who tell me how much a project should cost. They vet their vendors for licensing and the appropriate contracts. Everything feels so much safer. And the whole service is $250 a month, which feels like a steal to me. I’m really not sure how much this is supposed to cost, but it’s worth it.

Anyways, I just wanted to write this to share my experience with Humming Homes. It’s been a game changer for me and my family and I thought this community could benefit from hearing about it.

If you use the code “LOCALMOMS” when you sign up, I’ll get $300 credit, and you’ll get $750 applied to your account!


Layla Lisiewski, Co-Founder & CEO of The Local Moms Network and Founder of Greenwich Moms


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