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Over the last few decades deer populations have ballooned in our area, which means that you probably have firsthand experience with the effects—nibbled leaves, bare branches, and headless flowers. Deer also transport ticks, which have the potential to put your kids and pets at risk for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Short of fencing in your entire yard, there are a few things you can do to minimize or even stop deer damage to your property: Apply a deer repellent. As prey animals, deer are sensitive to smells. There are several repellents on the market, but for the best protection talk to an expert who can recommend and apply one. Our applications are made with natural products that leave no visible residues and are customized based on time of year. Plant deer-resistant plants. Not all plants are created equally. Some are incredibly attractive to deer, and others can go untouched all year. Before you select new plantings for your yard, check to see if they often fall prey to deer. Consider DeerTech. DeerTech involves our proprietary ultrasonic units. These emit a sound that keeps deer from being able to listen for predators while they feed, making them feel unsafe and less likely to take the time to browse. Our units are unobtrusive, motion activated, and the sound they emit isn’t noticeable to most humans. They’re a great option if you have valuable landscaping or a large amount of attractive plants. Change up your strategy often. Whatever strategy you choose to take, it’s important to remember to change it up from time to time, or the deer in your area are likely to adapt. Our specialists are trained to observe signs of deer activity and adjust treatment plans to match. Have questions about our deer services? Get in touch to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Ultrasonic Deer Repellent & Deer Deterrent Programs

Hungry deer are smart deer. Once they’ve found a property they like, they can wreak havoc on your plants and landscape. Fortunately, you can rely on SavATree and DeerTech—two experts in deer control services that together offer an unmatched level of expertise. Our qualified specialists assess your property to determine deer feeding patterns and create a plan that helps. The solutions we offer are effective and safe for your plantings, family and pets. When it comes to protecting your yard and plants from deer, we have two solutions:

DeerTech Three Circles of Protection

DeerTech’s Three Circles of Protection defends valuable shrubs and plants from hungry deer year-round. The service combines:

  • Patented ultrasonic sound units
  • Proprietary treatment program
  • Constant adjusting to prevent deer from adapting

Learn more about the Three Circles of Protection here.

Deer Deterrent Treatments

If your goal is seasonal protection, foliar treatments and scents are the way to go. These are strategically applied to plantings to address seasonal deer pressure and prevent adaptation. Learn more about our options here:

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