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home organization tips for families


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Who says you need hours of uninterrupted time to get and keep your home organized? 


Thankfully—especially if you’re a mom of little ones—organizing your home doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking. With a little time, focus, and these important tips, you can achieve organization in any part of your home. Work at it long enough, and visitors will start thinking you’ve staged your home to sell!  

Home Organization Tips for Families


1. Pick a single area to organize, and stick to it. 

Whether that’s a drawer, a closet, or a shelf, starting small has all kinds of benefits. 

For one thing, it’s much less overwhelming than trying to tackle, say, your entire bedroom. For another, by focusing on one area, you’re able to start and finish a project in one session, which is much more effective and efficient. 


In addition, this allows you to begin organizing based on whatever criteria you want to use: priority, amount of time you have, or area of your home. 


2. Schedule an hour or two per week—whatever time you have—to devote to organizing.


Getting your home organized takes time, and it won’t happen overnight. A better approach is to schedule dedicated time each week to work on organizing. Then, spend that time on a single area of your home. 


3. Be honest about what you use and what you can live without. 


Most of us know the rule for donating clothes: if you haven’t worn it in a year, it doesn’t belong in your closet. 


The same can be said for most items around the house, however (aside from seasonal decor). If you’ve got a high-end blender that’s been taking up room in your cabinets for the past two years, sell it! While it may be hard to part with it, consider that in a month or two, you likely won’t even remember you ever owned it. 


4. Invest in shelving. 


If one of the reasons your home is cluttered is because of a real lack of room for things, invest in some attractive wall shelving to make use of whatever vertical space you can. 


5. Organize items by color. 


Using colors is a simple, but highly effective way to organize items, whether by type, use, or family member (this is especially helpful for children!). 


When, say, one child’s special toys go into a red bin, while another child’s special toys go into a blue bin, cleaning up becomes not only easier but more enjoyable, too. 


6. File your papers instead of piling them. 


One reason papers can get overwhelming quickly is because many of us tend to put them into piles—however, according to MakeSpace, papers are almost always better stored vertically than horizontally.   


Buy a small filing cabinet and spend a few minutes each day sorting your papers into various folders. You’ll be amazed at how much decluttering you can do in a short time!


7. Go with a small, satisfying goal, like clearing out expired food, if your organizing energy starts to wane


We all lose our motivation to organize sometimes. If you find yourself getting burned out, tackle a small project that will yield quick results and instant gratification, like clearing out expired or old food from your fridge.


8. Add cubbies in your kids’ bedrooms and playroom.


Toys and books fit easily in cubbies, and they make it easy for kids to clean up after themselves when they’re done playing. 


9. Conquer easy home maintenance projects regularly to keep your “honey-do” list organized. 


If your honey-do list is a mile long, start tackling some of the easier items on it so you can keep not only your home, but your list organized. If you’re at a loss for where to start, try this list of basic home maintenance tips from HomeLight. 


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