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We chatted with ABCS of ZZZ Krista D’Alessandro about tips to help you get your little ones to help spring forward!

Time to spring forward! Daylight Savings is Sunday, March 12th. This means your little one may begin waking an hour later than usual! Woohoo!


Are you nervous this could impact your child’s sleep schedule? Don’t be! This time change is the easier one! For those of you with early risers (anything earlier than 6:30AM) or who prefer a wake up closer to 7:00/7:30 AM, I recommend doing absolutely nothing! Therefore, you will place your little one down at their normal bedtime on Saturday night and enjoy waking 1 hour later!

If you want to maintain your current schedule and your little one’s current wake for the day is 7:00/7:30AM or you need a 6:30AM wake up, below are two options to choose from.

  • Gradual approach: On Wednesday or Thursday, you will you begin to shift your entire schedule (naps, meals, bedtime) 10-15 minutes earlier. You will do this each day through Saturday.


  • Faster Approach: (Good option for those in daycare) On Saturday, you will wake your child by 6:30/7am and offer their naps and bedtime 30 minutes earlier.


Whatever option you and your family decide, make sure your schedule on Sunday is based off of the time on the clock and not what the time used to be.  Additionally, to help your circadian rhythm adjust, it is very important that your family gets natural sunlight both in the morning and afternoon.

Struggling with sleep before or after the time change? Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @ABCSoffzz or visit my website and schedule a complimentary 15 minute intro call.



Krista D’Alessandro

Infant & Toddler Sleep Specialist

(Ages 0-5 years old)

ABCs of Zzz



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