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Leading marketing expert, Jade Zantout recently announced his latest business venture with Color ParTee, a fun, simple, and affordable DIY activity for ages three and up. Featuring 12 different image options, kids can color a photo of their choice with water pens, iron it onto their shirt and easily wear it in minutes. Awesome for birthday parties, sleepover parties, and family activities, they offer a Girl Pack, Boy Pack or ParTee Pack that is designed to give kids the chance to reignite their imagination, express themselves, and be more social by spending quality time with friends or family while working on their craft.


Coloring books have been a favorite pastime for children for centuries now. It helps them to express their creative side, develop motor skills, and boost confidence to stay in the lines or go outside of the lines if they wish. Regardless of the generation, the moment you give a child a colored crayon, marker or paint, you witness their pure joy. As technology continues to advance from smartphones, to tablets and gaming, unfortunately the traditional interpersonal hobbies have declined, like playing sports outside, arts and crafts, toys, board games, and more.


“As a creative enthusiast and proud uncle, it saddens me to see millions of kids glued to their electronic devices these days rather than socializing with the people around them or doing more crafts like I did growing up,” Jade said. “I felt let’s get back to basics and recreate something special that children love to do like coloring, but then take it to the next level and let them wear their designs. I was inspired by my niece and nephew to package this product and bring new interactive and imaginative experiences back to life.”

To learn more we had the chance to interview to Jade who shared more about the line and his inspiration behind the new brand:

Interview with Jade Zantout of Color Partee

Interview with Jade Zantout of Color Partee

How did the idea for Color ParTee come about?


As an entrepreneur, I always look for new business opportunities. Also, I was inspired by my niece and nephew to create a product that can get them away from their iPads and to reignite their imagination. I also wanted to create a product that can bring the family together. Kids don’t these days don’t play outdoors or play with board games where and interact with their family and friends the way we did.


I came across heat transfer paper when I was dealing with a manufacturer in China. I really liked the idea of transferring images on T-shirts. I figured why not use watercolor pens to color the images instead of printing them? So, I started to work on the R&D at home. It took me a few tries to get it right and Voila! Color ParTee was born!


 Color ParTee a fun, simple, and affordable DIY activity for ages three and up

How does it work?


Just like it says in the tagline – Color it. Stick it. Wear It! You simply color the illustrations with the watercolor (nontoxic) pens, cut the excess white paper, and iron it on a T-shirt (where you need the help of a parent). That’s it!

What is included in the Color ParTee packs?


There are currently three packs available: Girl Pack, Boy Pack, and ParTee Pack. The Girl and Boy packs each come with 12 watercolor nontoxic pens, 6 images + a Color ParTee logo to color, 1 Teflon paper, and instruction sheet packaged in a zip bag. The ParTee Pack is a combination of the Girl and Boy Pack images, 12 watercolor nontoxic pens, 1 Teflon paper and instruction sheet packaged in a zip bag.

What is the ideal age?


I would say age three and above. There’s really no limit to age. I’ve seen 11-year-old girls have a blast with Color ParTee.

What’s next for you?


I’m currently working on a new product to transfer images, other than T-shirts. That’s all I can tell you now but it’s a very exciting product kids will love! Stay tuned!


According to Zantout he has plans to expand Color ParTee across various vertical markets. He also noted that there’s been a strong demand for customized Partee Packs and exclusive images created for world renown hotels, cruise lines, corporations and kids’ clubs.


Available on Amazon retailing at $19.99, the Boy Pack comes with six different images including, one rockn’ teddy bear, monster truck, puppy, basketball, and two superheroes. The Girl Pack includes one dolphin, mermaid, superhero, princess, kitten, and unicorn. Additionally, each package includes heat transfer coloring paper, 12 watercolor pens, Color ParTee Logos, one Teflon paper, a detailed instruction sheet, and a zip bag. For $29.99 you can order the combined Partee Pack suitable for girls and boys (T-shirts not included).


For more information, please visit Color ParTee

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