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Do your kids love computers? That’s a rhetorical question, of course—we haven’t met a child who doesn’t love devices. CodeSpark Academy is an educational app channeling this generation’s tech affinity into an enriching learn-to-code experience for kids 5 to 9.

Co-founded by digital entrepreneur, Grant Hosford, and Disney Imagineering veteran, Joe Shochet, codeSpark’s platform is word-free and incredibly engaging, teaching critical thinking,  creativity, and collaborative learning using curricula adapted from MIT and Princeton. Here are 6 reasons our kids are loving codeSpark—and why we think yours will, too!

Want to try codeSpark? Get a 30 day free trial when using the coupon code: LOCALMOMS30 (expires October 31, 2002).

It’s Fun & Creative
Little learners quickly use the skills they acquire to build their own games and interactive stories, and can share them with others doing the same. We all know that if kids aren’t engaged, they won’t stick with an activity very long, so we love that this educational app doesn’t scrimp on fun.

The Benefits Go Beyond Coding
Yes, computer proficiency and coding are skills that translate directly into today’s tech-first world. But those aren’t the only benefits. Children hone their problem-solving strategies and develop other academic as well as personal skills. One example: After just 90 minutes of codeSpark, 55% of kids showed their problem-solving confidence increased!

The App Requires No Reading
All kids learn reading at different rates. For younger kids who don’t read proficiently yet, or those with learning differences like dyslexia which might make reading cumbersome, the lack of words on the codeSpark app makes it fun for all. Instead, the intuitive gameplay is facilitated through colorful characters.

There are No Ads
It’s hard to monitor kids every second they’re on an app, and this one has no ads—so you know they won’t be exposed to anything you don’t want them seeing.

It Can Go On Almost Any Device
As a mom, it can be really frustrating to have to lend your kid your phone or iPad, so we love that is app is Kindle-friendly. It can also go on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Mac and Win devices (via a browser).

Thousands of Parents (and Kids) are Loving It!
Since they launched in January 2022, over 1.3 million adventure games have been created, and the app currently has almost 7 million users. In addition, codeSpark is being used in 400,000 classrooms across the country. And not only is it super fun, but kids are definitely learning a ton.

Says one mom: “After only a few days, my daughter was able to code her own game in the app! She couldn’t wait to show me. I don’t know who was more proud, me or her!”


Want to try codeSpark? Get a 30 day free trial when using the coupon code: LOCALMOMS30 (expires October 31, 2002).


This story is sponsored by codeSpark

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